Learn traditions, folklore, and rituals from Slavic, Nordic, Germanic, and Gaelic Lands

This course will cover spring traditions in the months of March and April. Some of the folklore I will cover includes:

  • Winds of the Cailleach
  • Baba Marta and Martenitsa
  • Marzanna: Slavic farewell to winter
  • Sommertagszug: German welcome to spring
  • Disting: Spring ritual for the ancestral mothers
  • Easter Witches
  • Easter folk magic such as willow boughs and eggs
  • Spring cleaning practices
  • Spring ancestor reverence
  • The goddesses/month names Hreth and Eostre
  • Cross-cultural themes


This class was hosted live on March 21. The class recording is now available in the teachable classroom. You will have access to the course recording until June 30, 2021.

Śmigus Dyngus


Easter Witches

Dziady śmigustne


Palm Sunday

This course is closed for enrollment.